To develop the physical fitness and skills of our athletes. To partake in competitions that honour and promote sports and have a positive impact on social development.

SICAS and ICAS schools offer training camps for the following sports. We utilize the best sporting facilities and coaches in town to meet the objectives of making our students excel in their chosen sport


  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Table tennis
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Badminton

Sports are an integral part physical development and all of our students are encouraged to participate in sporting events. Our biggest event is our Annual Sports Day in which the Co Curricular and Sports Cups are awarded.

Our Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, and Soccer Teams participate in tournaments throughout the year. In the past we’ve had hockey fixtures with the visiting team of foreign schools including Wynberg High School from Cape Town, South Africa. We also participate in the annual interschool hockey tournaments organized by the Pakistan Hockey Board.

We have also competed in cricket matches against Durham University, and this year we reached the final rounds of the KIMS Interschool Cricket Tournament. We acknowledge the hard work put in by our certified coaches.

For the last three years we have been regular visitors to Lucknow, India for the Sports EXSPO. It is an event where our students get to interact and compete with students from all over India and beyond. They learn many important lessons along the way: how to win with respect, how to lose with grace and how to function well as member of a team. Most importantly they learn how sports can act as a bridge to peace and harmony amongst people.

Recent Sports Achievements:

1. Telenor Djuice held their interschool annual Graffiti competition. Our team comprising of Huzaifa Akbar, HarisMasood and Shafin Ali came back with the 1st Prize.

2. Our drama team participated in the LGS annual drama championship, Colours and Humour. Our team won the runners-up prize overall.

3. Our school also participated in the International Schools Educational Olympiad held in Karachi. In the DaastanGoi category, our team comprising of ShaheZaman and RanaMajid, got a Special Mention. In the photography category, our team won the 3rd prize. The team comprised of WaleedSabur and Huzaifa Akbar. Our faculty member Mr. AhsanJawad (Maths), won 1st prize in the “Teacher’s open microphone round at ISEO”.

4. At the LUMS Model United Nations 2008, our team did exceptionally well. Over 1500 delegates from universities and colleges all over Pakistan participated in the event. The highest accolade awarded at the event was the Outstanding Diplomacy Award, which was won by our very own Badr-ud-Duja. The LUMUN management also gave the Best Joker award to the ever-lively, ever-laughing Shah-e-Zaman, our Deputy Head Boy.

5. LGS Johar Town hosted their annual Spellathon competition. Teams from various colleges from all over Lahore took part in the event. Our team won the first prize. The team comprised of Mustafa Durrani, HamzaAzhar and Muhammad Ahmed.

6. Aitchison College held an Inter-Collegiate Science Quiz. Our team bagged the second prize. The team comprised of BilalChisti and ZainInam Khan.

7. The LGS Annual Urdu debating championship was held recently. Our team bagged the Best Speaker award, as well as the Best Team trophy. Ammar Anwar was declared the Best Speaker.

8. The annual LUMS Olympiad was held in March 2008, Ahmed Salahuddin won Best Vocalist for a stunning performance there. He was there after given the title of the Voice of SICAS by the Principal at the Annual Prize distribution Ceremony.

International Sports Olympiad EXSPO 2006

9. countries participated in this event. SICAS has been winning this competition for the last four years in athletics.

• Saad Ahmed
• Bilal Ahmed
• Adil Shah
• Aneeq Ahmed
• ArbazMasood
• M. Hassan Qureshi
• Uzair Mehmood
• Hamza Mehboob
• Hamza Azhar
• Hamza Rizwan
• Jazib javed
• Arbaz Mansoor


• Total medals = 17(11 gold medals and 5 silver medals and 1 bronze medal)
• Special Note: SICAS received Discipline Trophy

Female Athletes

• Rahima Hassan
• Fatima Zahra
• Ansa Aziz
• Shereen

Best Performers

• Arbaz Masood
• M Hasan Qureshi
• Saad Ahmed
• Aadil Shah
• Hamza Mehboob
• Hamza Rizwan
• Hamza Azhar
• Jazib javed
• Rahima Hasan
• Zara Noor




2007-8 Achievements:

An interschool lawn tennis championship was held at Divisional Public School. 18 schools participated in the event. Our school won the championship.

2. Geo organized a televised sports quiz at SICAS and gave away cash awards to the winners. ZainInam Khan won the highest award of 10,000 rupees, along with AmnaFazal, who was also awarded 10,000 rupees.

3. The Punjab Junior Sports Association organized a basketball tournament at Salamat Boys Campus. SICAS won the event.

4. An interschool Table Tennis Competition was held at Resource Academia. SICAS won in the singles category.

5. An interschool Chess Championship was held at Lahore Grammar School. SICAS came runners up.

6. SICAS participated in Under-16 cricket matches organized by Pakistan Cricket Board. Usman Ali Khan and ZainNoman were declared the best players and were selected for the under 16 national team.

7. Our school also participated in the Jaffar Memorial Hockey Tournament held at Ali Institute. Three of our boys were selected for the Under 19 national team trials, namely JazibJaved, Jason James and Hassan Qureshi.

8. A Basketball Championship was also organized by BeaconhouseJohar Town recently. Our school was the runners up in the event.

9. At the interschool Lahore Games held recently, where more than 40 schools participated, our school’s performance was outstanding.

In the Athletics event our school was declared the winners.

1. In the 100-meter race, ArbazMasood got the 1st position.
2. ArbazMasood also bagged the 1st position in the Long Jump category.
3. In the discuss throw, Rahema Hassan won the 1st position.
4. In the 400-meter race, Muhammad Hassan Qureshi won the 2nd position.
5. In the 800-meter race, Muhammad Hassan Qureshi got the 3rd position.

In the badminton event, SICAS were the runners up.

In the singles category, Rohail Hassan won the 2nd position.
2. In the doubles category, ArsalanHamayun and Ali Naeem got the 2nd position.

In the hockey event, our school was declared the joint winners.

In the Table Tennis Event, our team got the 1st position.

1. In the singles category, KhurramSajjad won the 1st position…and Moiz Ali won the 2nd prize.
2. In the doubles category, ShahzebHamid and KhurramSajjad got the 1st position

In the Taikwondu Event, our team won the first position.

1. In the 55kg weight class, Muhammad Hassan Qureshi won the 1st position.
2. In the 52kg weight class, AshabShahzad, won the 2nd position

In the Football event, our team got the 2nd position.

Out of the 46 teams participating in the event, our school was declared 2nd overall with 24 points.

Special Note:  On the basis of this brilliant performance, SICAS students were selected for The International Children’s Games San Francisco USA, this is the most prestigious athletics event for school children in the world as is officially sanctioned and sponsored by the IOC(International Olympic Committee).



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